Moneycat Customer Service

The company that makes the Moneycat prepaid credit card offers superb customer service. This is actually one of the newest innovations from the brand that helps Filipino consumers make their own prepaid credit card purchases online, receive their cash instantly, and then make their purchases at any time of the day. Moneycat has only been around for a little while, but they offer excellent customer support. It was founded by a group of young men who have their own businesses in different local areas in the Philippines. These young men learned about moneymaking through surfing and spent years perfecting the ways to make it easy to do so.

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One way that these guys were able to bring this business to the Philippines and people’s attention was through the viral video that went viral a few months ago. The video shows a couple of young men with their fist raised in the air as they charge their fist towards a large green machine to receive their first loan. In the background, an adult with a megaphone enthusiastically encourages them, “Just make sure you get your loan.” What happens in the video is both hilarious and educational at the same time because it shows how hard working Filipinos are to be part of the global economy. In fact, most of these guys had to obtain their loan before graduating from high school.

The good thing about this video is that it brought attention to the Filipino consumers and their need for international fast loan services. This brought their interest in getting a prepaid Visa debit card, and then using this card to make purchases at local departmental stores and marketplaces like groceries and gasoline stations. Most of these Filipino loan servicing companies began to enter the country’s market through word-of-mouth advertising and other forms of media. Their application process was also a lot different compared to those of other service providers. Because of their low cost of acquisition, most Filipino borrowers were able to acquire the money they needed to be able to take care of their daily expenses.

However, there is one downside to the Moneycat system. The reason why most people preferred to avail of this kind of loan service offered by Moneycat or any other similar company is because it offers the lowest interest rate. This low interest rate is usually enough to make up for the lack of collateral, which makes these loans ideal for borrowers who cannot afford to put up their house as a security for a conventional loan. But most importantly, a lot of Filipinos are experiencing financial problems right now because the national economic crisis has caused many companies to go bankrupt.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for a responsible borrower to apply for a loan through a reputable company like Moneycat. One way is through the direct application process offered by the company itself. A borrower will just have to fill out an application form with his personal and business details. Once this form has been approved, he will just have to wait for his approval call from the lender. From there, he can expect to get a call from the lender soon to check if the application has been approved.

Aside from its direct application process, another way for a borrower to get approved for a Moneycat loan is by making use of the pre-approval feature of the lending company. Unlike other lending companies, Moneycat offers its customers a free account within three days after the approval of their application form. With this account, a borrower can already look for an alternative way to pay off his loan on time. In most cases, borrowers have to wait for two to three weeks before they can finally get the pre-approved loan amount they applied for in the first place.

Another option for a responsible borrower is to look for a Moneycat representative in person. Aside from the three day free account within the application process, representatives of Moneycat also offer help and advice on the entire loan process. These representatives are even accessible 24 hours a day so borrowers who need them can always be sure that they will be able to get hold of someone who can help them with their urgent needs. Moreover, these representatives make things easier for the borrower by handling all his queries and problems regarding the loan. Aside from this, they also offer helpful tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in the loan process.

Moneycat offers a lot of benefits to any first-time borrower. The company has also made it easier for any first-time borrower in the Philippines and anywhere else in the world. The service has a fast approval rate so one doesn’t have to worry about getting a bad-quality loan. Aside from this, there’s also a money-back guarantee for every customer. So if you are in need of a fast loan amount and would want to deal with a reliable company that will provide you with the best options, then definitely consider a loan from Moneycat.